In 2003 Wijkje L. gave birth to a beautiful mare foal with the name Jonkvrouwe. This star mare from Sape x Teunis kept the tradition by becoming champion of the day in Vries in 2007. Her balance and limberness were noticed by the jury, in 2008 Jonkvrouwe became second. In 2004 Maarschalk was born. this race typical limber stallion growth to look exactly as his mother. The Bente x Teunis Stallion stand trough the heavy test of the stallion jury and got to the national show, unfortunately he did not make the last test.

In 2005 Wijkje L got a Bente x Teunis mare-foal with the name Señorita. Señorita also had the looks of her mother. And with Bente’s temperament she had a great charisma.

Another mare-foal was born in 2007 who got the name Ysabel, of all the offspring of Wijkje L. Ysabel looks most like her mother with the same body and limberness. We have big expectations of Ysabel.

In 2005 Bientje gave birth to a Bente x Teunis stallion foal with the name Sire. In 2006 a full brother was born with the name Viktor, Viktor got the star predicate in 2009. In 2008 Bientje got her first mare foal, with the name Bientje I. she had the honor of getting the name of her successful mother. Bientje I. has a strong developed trot and a wide step, We are very confident she will score high in front of the jury.

In 2009 a mare foal was born which carried the name Esther V. Ester V. has an extraordinary exterior and great movements. This Sape offspring we will keep for breeding and we hope she will match the results of her Sape aunt, Jonkvrouwe.