Wijkje L. is our star mare of Teunis x Oege. She was born from star mare Bapje and is from tribe 34. Wijkje L. is a royal horse, she has a beautiful front with a pretty long neck. This gooseneck is a race typical feature and we have to keep it in our Frisian horse stable.

Wijkje L. became champion of the day in 2002 in Vries. She was praised for her Size, mass charisma and movement. All this and her strong connection between middle and hindquarters got her the title of day champion. In the same year Wijkje L. got to prove herself on the national show. She came to position 1A in her category.

Bientje and Wijkje L. fought for the first and second place in 2002 for the campion of the day in Vries. After a exciting finale Bientje got second place.

Bientje is a star mare of Teunis x Oege and a full sister of Wijke L. The front, Gooseneck and great breed-model give Bientje her distinctive look. in 2002 she compete in category 1A of the national show. In 2003 she became allround champion of the regions Groningen and Drenthe.